About Us

Since springing forth from a dream in April 2010, Old Time Family Baseball has been focused on the interesting, absurd, and minuscule happenings that make baseball the most unique sport to ever be played in Western Civilization.

We are:

Michael Clair is a comic and writer living in Los Angeles who loves stirrup socks, utility infielders, and reading scientific articles that he doesn’t fully understand. His work has appeared on Baseball Prospectus, Sports on Earth, and the Stealing Home podcast, and he contributes to The Platoon Advantage and SB Nation’s MLB Daily Dish. Follow him @clairbearattack

Will Hall sometimes writes for Old Time Family baseball as a therapeutic way of dealing with the lack of Hideki Okajima in his life. He’s based in Boston. Follow him  @manybothansdied

For any questions, comments, or exciting business transactions, please contact us at oldtimefamilybaseball@gmail.com


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