Seamheads: Negro League Database

Due in part to the barnstorming nature of the Negro Leagues, leaving us without the necessary statistical evidence, players like Cool Papa Bell, Satchel Paige, and Josh Gibson are seen more as tall tales and legends, like the real life counterparts to The Mighty Casey. 

But now, Seamheads has merged the statistical revolution with the information that is presently available, allowing modern man to marvel at Heavy Johnson’s .497 wOBA between 1920-1922 or Gervasio Gonzalez’s 48.1 career Win Shares. It’s a boon to those that absorb baseball related history like when one twin devours the other in the womb. 

There are certainly going to be holes in the information, but as this is a work in progress that will hopefully inspire new research, it’s an excellent beginning. And a great way to lose three or four hours of your evening while digging through it all. 

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