The Money Pit

Carl Crawford cost the Red Sox $142 million dollars to sign before the season. Thanks to a .251/.286/.399 line while playing in a great hitters park, Crawford has been worth 0.2 WAR. 

Meanwhile, 31 pitchers have a higher offensive WAR than Crawford, with Daniel Hudson’s 1.1 leading the pack. This includes Livan Hernandez, who has struck out in only 3.3% of his 61 plate appearances, and has been worth 0.3 offensive WAR. Let’s also remember that Livan Hernandez is done for the season because he is now an “active” mentor for the Nationals prospects. 

This may seem like I’m comparing apples to oranges, but it’s like if the apple had been dropped a few times and left behind the radiator while the orange was merely a few days old. Needless to say, Crawford, who is the apple in this scenario, has his work cut out for him next season. 

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