Face of the Year

Jeff Karstens, with a pitch face that looks like it may be an ill-fitting rubber mask, has already gifted the world with plenty of amusing looks. Like this one, for example. But last night, en route to another heart breaking loss, Jeff Karstens gave up the only run of the game on a broken bat fly ball from Justin Upton. 

It’s the kind of face that one makes when, in the midst of pondering all the heartbreak and disease in the world, they receive a parking ticket: 

Being the Pirates, this setback demoralized the club, as Ian Kennedy struck out the next six batters he faced, exiting the game with a total of twelve. The win put the Diamondbacks one game behind the Brewers for the second seed in the NL, a role any team will want to be in as they try to avoid playing the Phillies. 

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