Jose Reyes Bunts for A Single, Sits Out Rest of Game

Let’s put this into perspective: 

  • You’re a New York Mets fan.
  • You’ve seen your team’s $142 million payroll result in 77 victories. 
  • Your owners were duped by both Steve Phillips and Bernie Madoff. 
  • And that one sliver of joy, Jose Reyes and his hunt for the batting title, will probably be gone next season. 

So, if you’re the Mets, what do you do? Do you have Jose Reyes play the entire game, threatening his chances of securing the NL Batting Title, but letting the fans see their star for nine more innings? Or do you let him bunt for a base hit and then shuffle him off the field? Well, if you’re the Mets, you go with the latter. 

Now, it’s certainly not unprecedented for players to take a seat once they think that the title has been wrapped up. George Brett did it in 1990, as did Wade Boggs in 1988 to name a few, but that doesn’t make it any less disappointing of a move. Sports are supposed to be about competition with one’s self as much as it is one’s opponent, and this decision reeks of fear. 

CJ Wilson, never one to back down from an opinion, took to Twitter:

Of course, Adam Dunn, who sat out the end of the season to avoid reaching the necessary qualifying plate appearances, keeping his .159 batting average from becoming the official worst batting average in the modern era, and no one is too upset about that. If we’re not going to dishonor the worst, can we really shame the best? 

While Ryan Braun will need to pick up three hits to take back the crown from Reyes, he is facing a lefthanded rookie in Jeff Locke who has surrendered 16 hits in 12.2 innings, and will at least get his chance. 

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