Get Out And Vote: The 2011 OTFB Fashion Awards Are Here

After sorting through thousands* of nominations, it is time to announce that voting is open for the 2011 Fashion Awards. You, the people of this great planet, will get to decide who is viewed as the best dressed player. 

When voting, please disregard on-field abilities and judge the player simply on the unique and individual style they can bring to the field. This includes socks, facial hair, uniform fit, batting gloves, pine tar usage, etc. In essence, anything that represents themselves on the playing field. 

In one week’s time we will count the votes and see what two players will represent their league for the World Series of On-Field Fashion. 

The polls are at the bottom if you want to skip ahead, but here are the nominees:

American League: 

Ian Kinsler

Ian Kinsler

(Photo by Bart Hanlon)

Ian Kinsler, one of the two Jewish players to have a 30/30 year in 2011, has been bringing high fashion to The Ballpark in Arlington for half a decade. With his solid-color socks stretched to his knees, bloused pants tumbling over the top, and with a good amount of eye black thrown in for good measure, Kinsler manages to look cool during the arid Texas summers. 

Juan Pierre

Juan Pierre

(Photo by Keith Allison)

Some have called Juan Pierre the hardest working man in the business, but perhaps they should add best dressed to the list. Pierre enjoys wearing his classic stirrups (pictured here with the team logo exposed) pulled to the knees, exposing just the slightest hint of the white sanitary sock underneath. It’s a titillating combo. 

Vladimir Guerrero

Vladimir Guerrero

Guerrero, who holds the records for most hits by a player from the Dominican Republic, also holds the record for tightest pants in Major League baseball. Going for the extreme tapered look, Guerrero pulls his high tops over pants, allowing no sock to be exposed. At the plate, Guerrero continues the tradition of going sans batting gloves, a few pieces of tape wrapped around his finger is all that he needs for battle.

(Photo by Keith Allison)

Jim Thome

2 members of the 600+ Home Run Club within feet of each other.  Pretty rare!

(Photo by Rick Burtzel)

Jim Thome is a throwback guy, a beefy Midwesterner with the strength of Paul Bunyan, the warmth of a grandmother, and the swing of Harmon Killebrew. With his solid-color socks pulled high, nestled under bloused pants, Thome has always looked the part. The Indians, and for a time, Twins, off-white jerseys are a perfect match for Thome’s summery skin tone. 

National League: 

John Axford:

John Axford may have begun the season with a sharp and tightly twisted Rollie Fingers model, but by year end, he had accomplished making the “just rolled out of bed” look popular in Milwaukee. With his mustache hanging long, nearly reaching Fu Manchu levels, a large tuft of hair spilling out of his distressed ballcap, and a pair of high solid-colored socks to complete the look, it’s no wonder that John Axford has held onto the closer’s role in front of Francisco Rodriguez. 

Hunter Pence

Hunter Pence & Umpire

(Photo by Mike Sheridan

For years, Pence had to toil in Houston, wearing black socks to complement his rust red Astros jersey. But since moving to Philadelphia’s scarlet red pastures (and more rabid fan base), Pence has emerged from the shadows. Tall and lanky, Pence pulls his solid-color socks up high (skinny calves be damned), the socks helping highlight his sparkling and fresh Reeboks. At the plate, Pence’s stance looks like he’s trying to fit into a small cage, while he is one of the few to both choke up on the bat and play with only one batting glove. 

Skip Schumaker

St. Louis Cardinals second baseman Skip Schumaker (55)

(Photo by Keith Allison

One of Tony LaRussa’s favorite tools, Skip Schumaker spreads his style all over the field. Schumaker played at five positions this season, including pitcher, and often did so with a dirty uniform and the Cardinals tri-colored striped sock. It’s a look that is as pleasing to the eye now as it will be when the aliens colonize the planet in 2035. 

Sergio Romo

Sergio Romo is a fashion leader, a player who is never comfortable with just one look. Romo haas sported the full beard, the burnsides, striped socks, no socks, and nearly every look in between. He’s an innovator, one who may be ahead of his time. 

The polls are below, but if you have trouble accessing them, you can vote on them here and here. Now get out there and make a difference! 


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