It’s Here: World Series of Fashion Has Arrived

The polls are closed, the ballots are counted, and with only mild corporate interference, we now have our World Series of Fashion Nominees.

In the National League, weighing 185 lbs, Sergio Romo needed a late surge of Giants fans to overcome Skip Schumaker’s striped socks, winning the vote 41-28.

And in the American League, the 200 lb Ian Kinsler fought off some early contention from Jim Thome before smoking him by the final score of 33-22.

(Photo by Bart Hanlon)

With American and National League pride on the line, it’s time to cast your vote, forego any hometown connections, and rationally choose who is the best dressed ballplayer. We will have our answer in one week’s time. The poll is below, though if you have trouble viewing it, you can access it here

And if you would like to take a look at the previous nominees, that post is here.

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