Let it be hoped that 1916, the dawn of a new day in baseball affairs, will witness as well the dawn of a new day in the outworn method of keeping batting averages. The time has passed when the public will any longer swallow the palpable falsehood that a home run is no better than a scratch single. It knows better, instinctively feels better, and should be told the truth by a presentation of the season’s statistics founded upon a sane, workmanlike basis.

From F.C. Lane’s 1915 Baseball Magazine article entitled “Why the System of Batting Averages Should Be Changed.”

My god, sabermagicians have the ability to travel through time and they’re already using it to abuse the notion of batting average as far back as 1915. Surely this must be stopped!

(via Fangraphs Community Reports, h/t Beyond the Box Score)

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