He’s a Real Winner: Lenny Dykstra Adds Anti-Semitism to the List

At this point I struggle to remember that Lenny Dykstra ever had a Major League career to begin with, what with his list of criminal and merely immoral activities now filling his resume.

After Lenny Dykstra’s manager, Dan Herman, withdrew the $30,000 he posted for Dykstra’s bail because he was worried that Dykstra would attempt to flee to Mexico, Dykstra took to Twitter:

“Fu herman! I don’t need your jew gold, go ahead take away my bail! I didn’t get stupid over night.”

"20 something year old thinks he has power over me! Herman and his kind are greedy born spies"

"herman is a penny pinching jew gold hoarding kid trying to put me back in the cooler bro #danherman"

Thanks, Lenny, for the proof that truly despicable people do exist. Sadly, Dykstra’s feelings are echoed by a growing number of Americans with the Anti-Defamation League reporting that 40 million people in this country have “serious anti-semitism.” 

(via Larry Brown Sports)

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