Mets Emerge From Shadow of Darkness, Take Place Among Best Uniforms in Baseball

The Mets, in order to match their reputation under Steve Phillips and then Omar Minaya, tended to shroud themselves in black, like they were the villain in a two-bit pulp novel or the ninjas that get routinely beaten in a Steven Seagal film.

But with Sandy Alderson about to head into his second season, the Let’s Gos were able to strip the dementors that hung around their uniforms, banishing the black-and-blue cap and returning the pinstripes to their home uniform. While black will remain an alternate in 2012 before fading away for good in 2013, Uni-Watch reports that “There are no plans to bring back any of the black elements.”

That’s probably the best news Mets fans could hope for barring Johan Santana discovering that he has multiple clones of himself, all aged 25 and all with healthy arms, that are contractually obligated to the Mets.

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