Jim Callis: More Details on the CBA

I’ve made no secret of my distaste for the new Major League collective bargaining agreement as it essentially punishes small market teams for scouting amateur talent; depresses baseball on the international market by severely curbing bonuses; and rewards clubs with the financial ability to sign aging free agents, but beyond all that, we still don’t have all the details. Jim Callis of Baseball America helps fill in those gaps:

  • The draft has been reduced from 50 to 40 rounds.
  • The draft caps for all 30 teams for the first 10 rounds will total approximately $185 million in 2012, varying depending on the number of supplemental picks created by free-agent compensation and failure to sign 2011 draftees from the first three rounds. The competitive-balance lottery selections don’t come into play until 2013.
  • Any attempt to circumvent the draft cap, such as an under-the-table agreement, is expressly prohibited.
  • The most significant new detail: If a team fails to sign a player in the first 10 rounds, its draft cap is reduced by the assigned value of his pick. It can’t reallocate that value to sign other players. However, it can reallocate the difference between a player’s bonus and the value of his choice.
  • If a player fails a physical and the team fails to offer him 40 percent of the assigned value of his pick, he becomes a free agent. In that case, the club’s draft cap would be reduced by the value of his selection.
  • Not only has the signing deadline moved from Aug. 15 to mid-July, it will be at 5 p.m. rather than midnight ET. The 2012 deadline is July 13…

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