Announcing the First Old Time Family Baseball Charity Blogathon

With the holiday season just around the corner and goodwill and cheer in men’s hearts, I am happy to announce that in just under a month, the Old Time Family Baseball Blogathon will kick off. Though many have already donated to charity recently, it’s important to remember that when December ends, there are still plenty of people in need.

So on Saturday, January 14th, I will be posting every half hour for 24 hours to support Doctor’s Without Borders, an organization that works to bring medical and humanitarian aid to areas of need all over the world. All posts will be new, freshly written (no “queuing” of material) and will come fast and furious for a full 24 hours. Though I don’t have the exact agenda figured out, I will be doing some combination of news and transactions posts, cheesy baseball film screencaps and reviews, some first grade level MS Paint work and anything that may strike my fancy during the day. I’m sure I’ll be a grammatical mess during the wee hours, but you’ll have to excuse me for it. As we get closer, I should have more details.

Even better, I am looking for guest posts on January 15th. While I catch up on my sleep and give my fingers a rest, anyone interested in contributing to the second day of posts, please send an email to with Blogathon in the title and we can work out the logistics.

Keep your eyes peeled for more details and consider donating today. Let’s prove that baseball fans, though we may not leave our mother’s basements, can team up to do something great.

UPDATE: For everyone coming from Hardball Talk and other corners of the web, welcome and thanks for taking part. Here is the First Giving page where all donations will be collected. 

Even better, for anyone that donates any amount, I will be holding a raffle for a group of prizes. They include 5 unopened packs of Topps 2011 Update Series baseball cards; the films Battlefield Baseball, Rhubarb, and The Man From Left Field (which will be watched and reviewed during the blogathon); a Robin Yount Series Two Starting Lineup action figure; and a collection of the 1984-1986 Baseball Preview Guides along with the 1978 All-Star book featuring Mark Fidrych on the cover.

So please donate to a great cause and remember to come back on January 14th and 15th for a two-day blogging spectacular. 

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