Ben Revere Is The Definition of a Slap Hitter

While playing around with Fangraphs, I found quite an interesting statistic. Going back to 2001 (as far back as FanGraphs’ batted ball data goes) among all players with at least 450 plate appearances in a season, Ben Revere holds the record for most ground balls per fly ball at 5.91. His closest competition? Luis Castillo who posted a 4.13 mark in 2005.

While Ben Revere is an exciting player, he is also hitting groundballs at an unheard of rate. Just take a look at his hit chart from Bill James’ Baseball IQ:

While most teams shift their infield over for pull-heavy power hitters, managers could essentially play with an eight man infield and not have much to worry about.

For comparisons sake, here is Micah Owings’ hit chart since 2007:

Yep, Micah Owings is a much more dangerous hitter than Ben Revere.

Sadly, Revere will be 24 years old next year, so we can’t claim that he’s just a youngster without enough manly muscles to hit it out of the infield. Who knows, perhaps Revere’s legs and spunk will allow him to be a somewhat effective nine-hole hitter whose baserunning and defense will keep him employed for the next decade. But considering the vagaries of batted balls, there is just as good a chance that Revere posts a .400 OPS before beginning his tour of the great independent ballfields of this country.

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