The Blogathon Starts Tomorrow Morning

This is the final reminder you’ll receive before I chain myself to the computer tomorrow, posting every 30 minutes for a full 24 hours to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. I’ve been doing plenty of research this week to have my head brimming with ideas and from 8 am PST on January 14th until 8 am PST on January 15th, I will be posting constantly without the aid of pre-written pieces. Once I’m finished and off to bed, over 20 great writers will have their guest posts go up throughout the day, all done in the name of charity. Why not donate now?

Though there is no exact schedule, I will be posting the usual daily news and transactions, putting together fictional lineups, examining some of the strangest players in baseball history, and oh so many more things. I’ll also be liveblogging and reviewing Rhubarb, a movie about a cat that owns a baseball team, The Man from Left Field, about a homeless and mute Burt Reynolds taking over a Little League Baseball team, and Battlefield Baseball, a movie about a high school baseball team having to beat a team of zombies. If you have access to those movies, go and grab them and we’ll watch them together. Follow me on Twitter at ClairBearAttack as I’ll be keeping status, donation, and mental health updates throughout the day.

Here are some clips from the films (note: The Man From Left Field, probably because it’s so good, has no clips on the internet): 

90% of Doctors Without Border’s funds come from independent sources and your donation of any amount can really help one of the good guys. So please, for whatever you can afford, help an organization that is dedicated to spreading humanitarian and medical aid around the world. Even better, your donation automatically enters you into a raffle for a number of prizes including baseball cards, vintage baseball preview guides, baseball comics including the Mars Attacks Baseball Special, the three movies I’ll be reviewing, and more. Look, here are those prizes now. Don’t tell me your not excited (not pictured: Robin Yount action figure and Red Sox Mr. Potato Head).

Also, donate now.

Have you donated yet?

Ok, how about now?

I’ll see you bright and early and prepare for an onslaught of baseball activity. My ask box is open and here is my email: I am an open book, ready to answer any and all questions and I hope to see you all tomorrow morning.

Oh, and donate now.

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