Highly Erotic Baseball: 1900s Baseball Postcards as Kama Sutra

Sure, you may love your constant access to Internet porn (pervert), but things were never better for the bawdy baseball fan than the 1910s. Gaze upon these baseball postcards with wonder and lust and be sure to try out these tips sure to spice things up in the bedroom.

A Close Game: With a friend in tow, find a sexual partner and smoosh her really hard between the two of you. Making sure to hold hands (with each other, not the woman), giving her a panic attack because she’s claustrophobic.

A High Ball: You’ll need a few props for this one. Get a large “sex” table and have your partner sit on top. Then sit in a nearby chair, raise a toast, and stare intensely into each other’s eyes for three to four hours.

A Double Header: A saucy number, you’ll need two partners to complete this. Sit cross legged on the floor with the two evening companions surrounding you. Then whisper sweet nothings in their ears, alternating between compliments and questions like “did you remember to mail the check to the cable company?”

A Steal: A great way to get romantic on the ball field. While your partner slides head first into the bag, make it look like you’re going to tag her with the ball. At the last moment, wrench her head backwards and plant a big, wet kiss. Then tell her, “Seriously, you’re out. Go back to the dugout.”

Catching a Hot One: First, have your partner reach her left leg out as far as it can go while still touching the ground. Then, while leaning back, have her roll all of her weight onto her left hip while she places her free hand just above her buttocks. She’ll be unable to support herself, so please brace her as she rolls her head back and pretends to be dead. HOT!

A Home Run: Another team effort, first have your partner sit atop your shoulders while you sit cross-legged on the floor. Then have a dentist come and give her a routine tooth inspection.

A Balk: For the S&M couples. Have one partner stand silently for hours while the other degrades them for all their failures and crushed dreams.

Breaking Her Contract: While your partner sleeps, see how many objects you can rest on top of her. For every ten, you can remove one article of clothing (limit: socks).

(images via Room 26: Cabinet of Curiosities, Legendary Auctions)

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