UPDATED: Alex Cora Retires

UPDATE: All of those words may be for naught! Jon Heyman just tweeted:

"Alex Cora plans to play. Just said he was retiring from winter ball, not MLB. Has coaching offers, but infield interest, too."

So…I guess hold off on reading this until I re-post it when Alex Cora does retire.

Original: Sadly, that means Alex Cora will not play in 2012 as previously reported. Unless by “play,” Jon Heyman meant that Cora would be entering the theatre and putting on a production of Arsenic and Old Lace.

Cora took his bow after the last game of season for the Caguas Criolles of the Puerto Rican  Winter League, hitting a bustling .248/.295/.325 during the year. He then gave this impassioned (and translated by the internet) speech below:

"MESSAGE from our captain ALEX CORA announcing his retirement: thank you all for the support they gave me for 16 seasons. We enjoy and we suffer, we won and we lost but heart I can tell you that being Creole is the best there is. Now close a chapter in my career and in the bottom of my heart I say that I do with the high front because I am and always will be pure strain Creole! Thank you all."

Personally, I think all speeches should be run through an online translator because they come out so much more interesting.

Since this may be the last time I get to use this photo, I will naturally post it again: 

Goodbye, Alex. May you and Joey have many wacky off the field adventures.

(Image via Procanes, via DistrictSportsPage)

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