The Punch Brothers - Movement and Location

Like music? And banjos? And Greg Maddux? Yes, that Greg Maddux. Then the Punch Brothers’ “Movement and Location” is for you. From Spinner Magazine

"That song is about Greg Maddux. And it’s also obtusely about the impact that seemingly disparate elements have on each other. Like, for me, I’ve always garnered an intense amount of inspiration from sports. Greg Maddux, to me, is one of the great artists of our time. And Federer, even though he may be in his decline, I’ve probably had more hours practicing fueled by watching Roger Federer rather than even watching great mandolinists.

But to me, the lines are totally blurred. And then the lines are blurred between the pursuit of excellence in your field and the pursuit of a satisfying relationship. In the second verse, a relationship is referenced: “If she’d raised her voice, ever sparkling, shallow eyes to indict my movement and location, will the battle be lost?”

So it’s like Maddux’s obsessive focus on making a good pitch. If you listen to him in interviews, he sounds like an idiot savant, “I’m just trying to make good pitches!” He had an extreme amount of movement on his pitches, and he also could control that movement. I came home from my favorite bar, Milk and Honey, where one of the bartenders is a big fan of Maddux, and I just came home with those words, looping in my head, and I starting writing the lyrics that night. The lyrical content of that is just to express that connection a little bit.”

I can only hope this ushers in a new era of lyrical poetry. Imagine songs about taking it one day at a time, giving it 100%, and needing to hit the showers. It would revolutionize the music industry. 

(Expertly located fist bump to Dan for sending me the article.) 

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