The Assorted Food Tweets of Tommy Lasorda

I’d like to think that Tommy Lasorda and I would get along fairly well. While he’d probably find me a little soft and overemotional, what with my sobbing at the end of Homeward Bound II and all, we both love baseball. That’s a good start. Plus, we both love food. But even I don’t think I could keep up with Tommy. Below are the assorted food tweets by The Godfather of Dodgers Baseball over the past month:  

Needless to say, Trey Hillman may not be reporting to camp in the best shape of his life. 

The Blythe Carls’ Jr makes biscuits unlike any Carl’s Jr in existence. This is fact. 

With the added benefit of never having to send a Mother’s Day card! 

When Tommy Lasorda eats, it’s a full body experience. No wonder his arms are sore.

For those keeping score at home, that’s nine tweets out of the thirty he’s posted in since January 29th, giving him a food tweet batting average of .300. Not too shabby. 

As a bonus, enjoy this image of Tommy Lasorda receiving a shave, probably because flecks of food kept getting caught in his facial hair: 

For more of Lasorda’s food tips, be sure to follow him on Twitter @TommyLasorda.

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