Things You May Have Missed While You Were Living Your Life

While you were too busy watching celebrities tease each other, the baseball world continued on. What you may have missed: 

Red Sox ban beer in the clubhouse. Looks like they’ll be switching to Hpnotiq in 2012. 

Watch out ladies, Mini Yu Darvish has reported to camp

Cardinals unveil 2011 World Series champions patch. It owes a lot to the 2011 World Series logo which, with it’s olives and browns, looks a little strange on a Cardinals jersey. 

Joel Zumaya to have Tommy John surgery. He made it all of thirteen pitches into the season. Sadly, Zumaya has become a kind of parable of human suffering and, even sadder, this Onion article turned out to be true

A-Rod looking for roommate, offers space to Jeremy Lin. Beats searching on Craigslist. 

Bengie Molina retires. Giants backup plan for a cleanup hitter be damned. 

Expanded playoffs now likely for this season. I can’t even be bothered to keep up with this anymore. Let me know when MLB finally makes up their mind. 

Cubs to send low-level prospect for Jed Hoyer. Imagine how Hoyer must feel. Theo Epstein not only commanded a fairly big name, but the compensation deal was big news. Hoyer’s compensation is a mere after thought. Must play tricks with a man’s psyche. 

Some Mets also don’t believe Ryan Braun is clean. This is kind of shocking to me as I thought most players stuck together. Since the players spoke anonymously, we’ll never know for certain if one of them gets a positive test and tries to appeal. 

Roy Oswalt may wait until midseason to play. He’ll have plenty of time to play with his bulldozer while waiting for an appropriate offer. 

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