Mariano Rivera’s Cutter Might Be Haunted By Ghosts

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Do you have a more reasonable explanation? Because I’ve seen Ghost Dad and Paranormal Activity 2, I know what’s up. 

From Bob Klapisch

“All of a sudden the ball started moving, cutting, in a way I’d never seen before,” Rivera said. “I wasn’t doing anything different, yet it had a life of its own. So, tell me, how do you explain that? [Mendoza] kept asking me what I was doing to make the ball move like that, and I had no answer. To me, the pitch was a gift from God.  How can I really teach this pitch if I can’t explain how it came to me in the first place?”

Of course, Rivera has conveniently forgotten the night he went down to the crossroads and, upon tearing open a hole between the living and the dead, sold his soul for a cutter. 

(via Hardball Talk

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