David Samson Crushes Dreams

Now that the Marlins are in their shiny new stadiums and have a license to print money, David Samson is no longer concerned with his public standing. Parents and fans included. From Miami Today, Samson remarked upon his role as dream crusher: 

"To parents, I would say ‘Your son is very cute, but he will never be a Major League Baseball player.’"

Okay, so maybe he didn’t mean to portray himself as Lord and Keeper of the Dreamworld, but he had plenty more to share. 

  • He called local politicians “not the intellectual cream of the crop.” Which is a nice thing to say about the people who gave you such a cushy, and possibly illegal, stadium deal. 
  • He passed along that Jose Reyes was willing to sign as long as the Marlins outspent every other team. Which is a personal conversation that I’m sure Reyes would like repeated in public. 
  • While shopping the club to Las Vegas, Samson mentioned how he wouldn’t care if the casinos bought out every seat because the Marlins would be making money.
Likable guy, that David Samson is. Read the whole article for more if you’re into this kind of thing. 
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