Things You May Have Missed While You Were Living Your Life

After getting home late last night, I’m still adjusting to not spending every waking moment at the ballfield. It’s a rough transition, probably akin to astronaut’s after being in orbit for six months. While I cry a little, and remember that not every meal involves some sort of processed meat, enjoy some links. (Oh, and get ready for a barrage of terrible pictures once I hunt down a camera cable.)

Everett Teaford and Tim Collins in one pair of pants. It sounds like the setup to a weird British joke: 

Andy Pettite returns. This is like every third sequel to an action franchise. People are all excited for the return of their favorite gunslinger, but their expectations will surely not be met. 

You want fun cartoons of Justin Verlander? You’ve got fun cartoons of Justin Verlander

Nationals option Bryce Harper. Despite his talent, he could still use some seasoning. Plus, he needs to find that one player who will become his nemesis while in the minors. You simply can’t find a good nemesis once they’re pulling six figures regulary. 

Jamie Moyer is injured. It’s only minor, but at 49 he’s essentially my parents age. And you should listen to them moan. 

Ryan Madson still thinks the Phillies offered him a $44M contract. And in an alternate timeline, he’s still playing for them too. 

Dodgers to host Hello Kitty Bobblehead Day. Seems like a bad idea, but just wait until Vin Scully has his ten minute dissertation on the history of the company and its connection to…something, and I’m sure your mind will be changed. 

Royals sign Alcides Escobar to a 4-year extension. You may think it’s absurd to sign a light-hitting shortstop to an extension, but just look at the state of the position today. Escobar could never hit and still be an upgrade over a half dozen teams. 

Great Moments in Naked Baseball. It’s okay, go on and click. You know you want to. 

Jose Reyes and Hanley Ramirez play video games together. I don’t really remember much about Ender’s Game, but maybe this is an Ender’s Game thing. If this is not an Ender’s Game thing, please insert another reference to a video game. Thank you. 

At least Josh Macciello had the decency to be crazy before buying the Dodgers. 

The Marlins are upsetting residents and fish. Who the hell is even left to piss off?  

Skipping out on a career in baseball for one in art?  Guess he was better than Craig Wilson.

As always, Uni Watch is the source for all fashion issues. Now they tackle the Spring Training changes

Mike Sweeney endorses Rick Santorum. I don’t want to get political, but him? Really

Finally, I wrote this last year, but with only two weeks of relevance (if you can even call it that), I thought I’d bring it back: Important Spring Training Dates

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