The Barbecue Curse Forces Royals Trade for Humberto Quintero, Jason Bourgeois

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. For once, life wasn’t supposed to be so hard. The Royals had been patient, filling their minors with explosive talent and adding, yes, adding to the Major League roster with pieces like Jeff Francoeur and Melky Cabrera. They didn’t give up on Alex Gordon who turned into a phenomenal left fielder. They even found a way to work both Billy Butler and Eric Hosmer’s bats into the lineup because they weren’t afraid of turning an unathletic young player into the DH he was destined to become. If 2012 wasn’t the Royals year, it was supposed to be a lot of fun. 

But then disaster struck. They signed Salvador Perez until the time that jet packs will be a viable option for commuters and watched him tear up his knee. They planned on converting Aaron Crow, their 2009 first round pick and successful reliever, into a starter to fill the small gaps they had left. But Joakim Soria, their closer and 740th best player to ever play the game according to EloRater, watched his elbow shred and Crow had to be moved back to the pen. 

Left with no other option, the Royals turned to the Astros for help. The Astros, whose players combined forces to win 56 whole games last season. And so for the beginning of next season, the Royals will be teaming Brayan Pena and Humberto Quintero behind the plate and, unless they’ve somehow leveled up in the offseason, turn in a combined OPS between their career averages of .589 and .652. If the Royals pre-season hopes were like a delicious pulled pork sandwich, this move is the acidic burp while you struggle to stay awake later that afternoon. 

While Jason Bourgeois will add speed to the end of the Royals bench in exchange for minor league prospect Kevin Chapman. While none of the players involved are big names, the Royals will now be able to field the required 25 men while the Astros get a hard-throwing lefty with a hell of a slider. Which is the kind of thing a team with 56 wins should be looking for while the Royals are forced to hope for Perez’s speedy recovery. 

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