The Art of Eating

Want to die? Then head to Lake County this summer for the Moby Dick sandwich! Available at every home game starting on Opening Day, the Lake County Captains are unveiling this monstrosity

"The Moby Dick features a 15" sesame seed hoagie roll, five quarter-pound fish filets, eight slices of cheese, six ounces of clam strips, one-third pound of French fries, one cup of cole slaw, all topped off by gobs of lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and tartar sauce. The price for the sandwich is only $20."

Only $20? Why, that’s a bargain for such a sandwich. Even better, any fan who can consume the 4,000 calorie sandwich while on display in the Moby Dick Challenge Chair on the main concourse will receive a free tee shirt. Which will look great as it’s cut off your body as doctors try to perform an emergency triple bypass. 

Let them never say that the fans don’t perform their own athletic feats.

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