Things You May Have Missed While You Were Living Your Life

While you tried to adjust your sleep schedule so you could be awake for this week’s tentative first steps of the regular season, other baseball things just kept happening. What were they? What could you have possibly missed? Read on, dear reader, and be amazed…

Triples and Steals: Two Types of Speed. If a player steals a lot of bases, chances are he’ll hit plenty of triples too, right? Not always the case as Jacob Peterson shows. Jeff Francoeur is the median, so there’s that. 

Cardinals release Alex Cora. Is this finally the end of the line for the Cora clan? 

Ryan Madson to have Tommy John surgery. Guess the Phillies are lucky that they either did, or did not, offer Madson that contract, huh? 

Rangers to offer $26 2-foot Hot DogI don’t envy the guy having to find the natural casing for this one. 

Major League Baseball institutes Dominican prospect leagueHere comes the international draft. And after that, the Hunger Games.

Alex Rodriguez Drops $17,500 on his niece, her mother does not approveEven when A-Rod’s trying to be nice he can’t win. 

Chipper Jones to have surgery, miss Opening DayI honestly read this news and couldn’t be positive this was a new story and not something from the archives. 

Kenny Loggins son plays baseball. And raps. It’s…different. 

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