Deep Thoughts: Marlins vs. Cardinals

EDIT: DUH. It was the Cardinals who won, not the Marlins. I swear I watched this. Thanks to Abassi for pointing it out!

Not having had the chance to catch either of the Mariners versus As games, tonight was my Opening Day. I’m sure it was for many of you as well. And a glorious game it turned out to be - a solid 4 - 1 win for the Marlins Cardinals. We got a taste of the new stadium, flirted with a no-hitter, and saw David Freese pick up where he left off. I can’t say that I have anything too deep to say, despite what the post’s title might lead you to believe. Honestly, it just feels good to have watched a regular season game and type this  while sipping some scotch and watching as the Baseball Tonight Crew recaps the action.

Marlins park is gorgeous. Perhaps the Opening Day vibes had something to do with it, but I was impressed by my first real view of Marlins Park. I hadn’t taken a look at too many pictures in the months up to now. We didn’t get any home runs, but I’m eagerly anticipating the first time that machine kicks into action. IT was also nice to see the park at capacity. There’s really nothing quite like the energy of a sold out, Opening Day baseball crowd. I did miss most of the pre-game ceremonies, though.

Welcome back Josh Johnson. After pitching in only nine games last year, Johnson made his much anticipated return to the mound. He was…okay: 6 IP, 10 H, 3 ER, 2 BB, 4 K. His velocity seemed to be there (Marlins fans correct me if I’m wrong), and while he wasn’t sharp, it’s nice to see him back out there. For all of the high profile acquisitions Miami made during the offseason, the team’s playoff chances are going to be greatly helped if Johnson can anchor the rotation. Of course, his return was spoiled by the K-Man.

Sorry Kyle Lohse. I’ll admit it: I jinxed the no-hitter. When Lohse entered the seventh with the possibility still out there, I debated whether posting something about it on here. I wasn’t sure what the etiquette really is, but I held off, even though it was all over Twitter and the broadcast. I decided that if he was still going for it after the seventh, it would be go time for me. Of course, as soon as that happened, Jose Reyes stepped in to break it up. Lohse finished with 7.1 IP, 2 H, 1 ER, and 3 K.

BASEBALL IS BACK! Savor it, folks. Tastes so good. And the best part? There are more games tomorrow.

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