Is It Better to Have Been Good Then Terrible or Never Have Been Good at All?

Jim Callis doesn’t mince words when discussing former number two overall pick Pedro Alvarez

"Perhaps if Alvarez can get himself into better shape, he can reclaim the bat speed and hitting ability that made him the No. 2 choice just four years ago. If not, you could argue that he’s the biggest waste of hitting talent in draft history."

Which, yikes, makes you wonder what your bosses are saying about you during your lunch breaks. 

Alvarez is currently hitting .108/.132/.270 with 16 strikeouts in 38 at-bats this season and those sterling numbers are thanks to his two-hit game (only the third and fourth hits of the season) that came on Saturday. 

While the Pirates may have rushed Alvarez through the minors a little, they didn’t ask him to do anything bizarre like take up Scientology or swing sacks of rocks during the offseason, so his steep decline can mean only one thing: there is a higher intelligence at work and he hates the Pirates. 

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