Things You May Have Missed While You Were Living Your Life

While Bryce Harper was fulfilling his dream of making the Major Leagues, what were you doing? Having mimosa brunches and sipping exquisite cocktails? Oh, well, that sounds nice too.

What you missed: 

Bryce Harper picks up his first hit and public mooning. Sadly, Matt Kemp ruined Harper’s storybook ending, crushing a tenth inning home run to win the game. And for all the negative things said about Harper off the field, he is a paragon of hustle on it. Harper doubled, hit a would-have-been game-winning sacrifice fly, threw a laser from left that should have nailed the runner at the plate, and busted his butt down to first on a comebacker. 

A’s sign Brandon Inge. Production from Athletics third basemen this year: 

  • Eric Sogard: .167/.239/.333
  • Josh Donaldson: .094/.094/.094
  • Luke Hughes: .100/.100/.100

Yes, they just might need Inge. 

Jeremy Guthrie goes to DL with bicycle injury. No more Queen for Guthrie

Jeff Kellog tackled an on-field invader. He’s the arbiter this game deserves.

Aubrey Huff put on the DL for anxiety. Here is his statement. It’s nice to see to live in a world where mental health problems are treated like the medical condition they are and not the stigma they were. 

Delmon Young arrested for bar fight and anti-semitic comments. It’s not nice to live in a world where people spew anti-semitic rhetoric, whether drunk or sober. 

Speaking of offensive things, how the hell is Chief Wahoo still an acceptable logo? The only people I know who support leaving the logo are either a) closeted racists b) not-so-closeted racists or c) people who have never once had to deal with racism in their lives.  

Rest in peace, Moose Skowron

Instant replay in baseball is a good thing, right? If cricket is any indicator, not necessarily. Then again, that’s cricket and no one knows what is going on there. 

Phil Coke testifies before anti-bullying panel. Tattle tale. 

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