Things You May Have Missed While You Were Living Your Life

While you were on the phone wishing your Mom a Happy Mother’s Day, the world of baseball spun on, unabated. Here is what you may have missed: 

From Craig Robinson, here is the greatest baseball team name you’ll ever find. I don’t often wish for expansion, but when baseball does eventually expand, I vote for Robots of Doom to be their name. 

As Americans, we value individuality. Or, as Wendy Thurm points out while using Bryce Harper as an example, we say we do, but we actually hate it. 

Don’t Stop Relieving. Somewhere, Mariano Rivera is crying. 

Josh Hamilton is on pace to hit 86 home runs as of this moment. I think someone needs to switch the gameplay mode to All-Star now. 

Frank Deford calls Joe Dimaggio tacky. That’s a needlessly inflammatory headline, but there it is. The article is only tangentially about baseball, but if sportswriting is your bag, you should probably check it out. 

The worst first pitch you’ll ever see. Really. 

Bryce Harper gets ten stitches after he throws bat into wall and it bounces back into his face. Still, it’s no where near as close as the most embarrassing self inflicted injury in Washington. Plus, we get this badass pic: 

(AP Photo/David Kohl)

It’s not your hat, it’s Mmahat

Adam Dunn’s strikeout streak falls one shy of Bill Stoneman, though he easily set the record for a position player. Don’t worry, big guy, I’m sure you’ll make another run for it soon. 

Forget Miss Mannerly, Baseball Charm School is where it’s at

Fundamentalist high school forfeits championship game because opposing team has a girl at second base. In the article, multiple people say they respect the school’s beliefs, which is fine and dandy and all except for the fact that they’re ass backwards. 

Great moments in baseball trailers. You may not remember, but Battlefield Baseball changed my life

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