Who Doesn’t Like Hot Dogs?

Relying on the collective brilliance of baseball fans (already proven brilliant by the fact that they’re baseball fans), Fangraphs has continued their crowdsourcing work, this time looking at the radio broadcasts from around the league

Their first post went up yesterday, ranking the bottom ten broadcast squads and, no surprise, John Sterlin and Suzyn Waldman of the Yankees came in last. While I agree with the majority of the assessments, Charlie Steiner’s ranking not withstanding, perhaps everyone is being a little harsh on Bob Walk of the Pirates: 

One of the detractors had this to say about the man: 

“I was listening to an MLB radio spring training broadcast when Bob Walk excused himself to buy a hot dog.”

As a personal fan of highly processed, barely-qualified foodstuffs, I won’t judge. Plus, considering that this is what Bob Walk looked like during the height of his career, should we really be shocked? 

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