Ballplayers Arrested For Fewer DUIs than General Public

Everytime a baseballer gets arrested for driving under the influence, I usually make a big stink about it because 1) it’s incredibly dangerous and stupid, 2) it’s completely avoidable, and 3) if anyone in the world can afford a cab or a towncar or a limo stocked with champagne, it’s a Major League Baseball player. Turns out, the players are pretty good about hailing a cab.

Jon Bois over at SBNation crunched the numbers and compared to the other major sports leagues, the NHL excluded as nary a NHLer was nabbed, (I did say major sports leagues), Major League Baseball comes out in the lead with one out of every 325 being arrested. Compare this to 1 out of 149 for the average driver, and ballplayers seem to be using their heads at least a little more. 

Of course, this brings us back to the original problem which is that a DUI is wholly and completely avoidable

(h/t HBT)

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