The Greatest Baseball Pogs of All-Time

Despite the irrational love shown for baseball cards, people sure have forgotten about the second greatest of cardboard-based collectibles: The POG! Just because no one has ever really known what to do with them, doesn’t mean they should be cast aside. After all, isn’t uselessness the high point of hobbies? 

That said, here are the greatest of baseball pogs: 

How better to honor the memory of the Negro Leagues and its players than by poggin’ it? That’s what it’s called right, poggin’ it? [ebay]

Is there anything that says 1993 better than a pog set of Shaquille O’Neal and Ken Griffey Jr? Yes, one thing: a pog set featuring The Fly Girls from In Living Color and Bill Clinton playing the saxophone. [ebay]

What do these pogs tell us? Either their creator could travel through time or someone thought it would be a good idea to create pogs sometime after 1997. [ebay]

Expos pogs, okay? Expos pogs.There’s not even a joke here because these are Expos pogs. And that makes them the best. [ebay]

It’s tough to tell with these Slurpee branded pogs, but there’s a lot of good in here. Like an Expo, and a bearded Bruce Sutter, and a Phil Niekro. Plus, two football players for some reason! [ebay]

I have always said a life without a Dave Magadan pog is a life unfulfilled. Haven’t I always said that? Also of note, the warning “not for human consumption.” So…just remember that. [ebay]

You have two options in life. Owning a Kane County Cougars pog set or looking like a fool. Choose right. [ebay]

This may be the very first POG ever created. A 1909 “round card” of Kid Elberfield who played from 1898 until 1914. Why this alone wasn’t enough to buy him passage to the Hall of Fame, I’ll never know. [J-Elberfield]

Another precursor to the official pog, it’s the Pepsi Cola Baseball Disc Card of Mike “The Human Rain Delay” Hargrove. You could spin this baby for hours while waiting for Hargrove to step up to the plate. [Number 5 Type Collection]

Sure, everyone probably has the Rickey Henderson disc card, but how many people held on to Don Slaught? That’s the money collectible, right there. [ebay]

Tired of rocking a simple studs or hoops? You should be. Just think of how popular you’ll be when you switch to pog earrings. Especially ones depicting a guy (maybe?) getting hit in the face with a baseball. There is art and there is Art. I’ll let you decide which this is. [etsy]

Erik Schullstrom pitched 60 innings with a 6.00 ERA in the Major Leagues. That may be the lowest ratio of innings to pogs among any Major Leaguer in history. No, I did not research that. [Amazon]

And to think, we had the most perfect depiction of baseball gamery 15 years ago. Why we ever needed to move on, I’ll never know. The directions list that one must “out score your opponent by using your Slammer to turn over the most POG.” No, I’m not sure if that’s English, either. [ebay]

The only person lonelier than Charlie Brown? The person who still uses Charlie Brown POGS. [Collect Peanuts]

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