The Fewest Strikeouts In a Perfect Game

Since pitchers tend to not have a lot of control over baseballs once they’re hit, and since a perfect game also requires a fair bit of skill, it’s not surprising that most pitchers tend to strike out most of the batters who come their way when twirling a perfecto. 

So just which pitcher had the fewest strikeouts in a perfect game? Why, that would be Addie Joss in 1908 when he set down all 27 Chicago White Sox, striking out only three, as a member of the Cleveland Naps (still a better name than the current one.) Two years later, Joss would once again no-hit the White Sox, remaining to this day the only pitcher in Major League history to no-hit the same team twice. Sadly, I haven’t been able to track down the box score for that game, so I can’t tell you how many men Joss struck out that day. 

Joss would not make it to a third no-hit bid as he died the in the spring of 1911 of tubercular meningitis. Which is about as terrible as it sounds. 

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