Major League Baseball Announces 2014 All-Star Game to Take Place in Minnesota

Get those Joe Mauer sideburns out and be ready to discuss townball, because the All-Star game is coming to the home of Purple Rain. I speak, of course, of Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Hey Mom! Check it out, I used three separate place-specific references without once going to Wikipedia!).

(image by Stephanie Smith

Said Bud

"It is my great honor to name the Minnesota Twins as the hosts of the 2014 All-Star Game. This is especially meaningful to me because of my close personal and professional relationship with Carl Pohlad, who was one of the finest owners in professional sports. The Midsummer Classic will be a celebration of Carl’s legacy, one of our game’s model franchises and the spectacular Target Field, which deserves to be showcased on this global stage."

Say what you want about corporate speak and press conferences, Target Field really does deserve to be paraded around as the jewel that it is. I made it out to Minnesota this summer for the SABR convention, (where, in addition to the numerous baseballites I met, I was escorted around town by the always mighty Mighty Flynn) and was able to catch two games at the park.

Modern in its amenities, but classic in its approach, Target Field features one bar where you can hang out with the stadium organist (a personal dream of mine) and another that highlights the history of baseball in the region. Oh yeah, and there’s a hot dog vendor who will write the team’s name on your dog. What could be better than that? 

With next year’s game taking place in Citi Field, home of the most people keeping score in the upper deck that I’ve ever seen, and the 2014 game being played in Target Field, Major League Baseball has done a hell of a job choosing the location for their midsummer classics. Start saving now, though, as tickets for next season are already being pre-sold by independent vendors for nearly $300. 

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