A Hoodwinked Michael Young

Earlier today reports came out that Michael Young had formally requested a trade, something that merely confirmed what we already suspected. During the weekend, there were rumors that Young may have found himself on the Rockies as early as today, but whether it fell through because of money, the players requested in return, or because the Rockies realized they have dozens of infielders who lack the ability to play short, is unknown.

Tonight, Michael Young addressed the media. Young told Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News:

I want to be traded because I’ve been misled and manipulated and I’m sick of it.

Naturally, Young wouldn’t go into the details of said manipulation, saying only, “I know the truth and Jon Daniels knows the truth and I will sleep well.” Well, at least he’s sleeping well.

On one hand, it’s not hard to see why Young is upset. He’s arguably the face of the franchise and has had to move from second base to short to third and now to an undefined utility/first baseman/DH role in the last seven seasons. During this time, Young won a gold glove for his work at short and was also elected to six All-Star games, and became the Rangers all-time leader in hits. This is usually the resume of someone who is an asset to their team and not a burden.

However, Young is due another $48 million over the next three seasons, and despite the hardware, is a phenomenally poor defender anywhere in the infield. His career UZR is a frightening -71.6 and his bat isn’t strong enough to play at first base or DH. The Rangers have good reason to move Young if they can get a good offer and now it appears that they no longer have a choice.

There has been speculation that Young is upset because the Rangers were shopping him while publicly saying that wasn’t the case. If true, Young certainly has good reason to be upset, but most fans will just see a player who is earning $48 million and complaining because he’s not going to receive enough at-bats. It’s a messy situation with no happy outcomes. Divorce always leaves the children in the middle.

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