Grading the World Baseball Classic Caps: PART II

And we’re back. I hope your palate has been cleansed and you’re prepared to delve back into the World Baseball Classic cap culture, ready to rip the designs to shreds or exalt them as pieces of couture fashion.

Part I is here. Part II is where you are.


Normally I love a nice sky blue, but with the addition of a lightning-bolt ‘K’ this cap feels far too much like the promotional materials for an energy drink company geared towards women on the go. Keep the colors, change the typeface and it works for me.

Since I’m not a cruel man, I’ll award some points for the powdery blue.



Perhaps the class of the WBC caps, this one is beautiful in every way. Incredibly bold colors, a wonderful ‘M’ that yes, manages to work in even more color. You may say its too much for you to handle and I’d tell you, buddy, you’re too much to handle.

Top of the cap should match the bill, though.



Another strong one. The cap suffers, not because of anything the Netherlands have done, but simply because Major League Baseball’s latest fad has been to ape the Netherlands’ colors and go orange.

The smaller ‘N’ and larger ‘L’ is interesting and the dual color cap also works because otherwise Randall Simon’s would too closely resemble a pumpkin. Plus, this one is ready ready for Halloween use.



There’s nothing wrong with simplicity. Black and white are fine colors and the intersecting ‘N’ and ‘Z’ look sharp. If you saw this cap on a local high school field, it would be the best dressed high school team in the county. Not bad, New Zealand, not bad.

But there really was no way to work in a hobbit or Brit from Flight of the Conchords? (These are jokes. I know there are other things New Zealand is known for. Like the flightless kiwi bird.)



Are we at a real, down home, Wild West Saloon? Because that’s what the font makes me think of. I can’t fault Nicaragua for using royal blue and white, after all those are the colors of the flag, but I can fault them for a pretty boring design.



The highly stylized ‘P’ does the best it can to elevate an otherwise basic cap, but I can’t help that my eye keeps being drawn to the flag patch on the side. Alternating stars and boxes are extremely interesting— a curly-q ‘P’ not so much.



So…someone used the Handwriting font, printed it on blue paper, and called it a day. That’s what happened, right?



Though I find the type face a little too exxxxtreme, it’s a solid hat with its own identity. And I can’t complain about that. However, with the jagged edges at the bottom of the letters, I keep thinking that the ‘R’ looks like a fat little person wearing cowboy boots. That’s probably just me, though.



I never thought it was possible to love an inanimate object, but, like those who fall in love with their body pillows, I love this hat. A dual-colored logo, a great point of intersection between the ‘S’ and the ‘A’, all thrown onto a gorgeous backdrop of forest green.



This hat should be worn by three types of people and only these three types of people:

  1. ESPN party-goers
  2. NASCAR pit crews
  3. Ecstasy dealers

But the color combo is nice. So there’s that, especially if you’re swingin’ E.



While I’m sure the people of Texas are happy to see their state finally be recognized as an independent nation…what’s that? Oh, this is for Thailand? Really? Are you sure?

I do like the deep blue of the cap though, it’s strange that so few teams went that direction.



I’ve never been a big fan of these caps, but looking through the rest of the field, my opinion has changed a little for the better. The interplay between the silver of the star and the blue of the cap is nice, but the design is also messy, wholly overwhelming, and something born out of a Mountain Dew advertisement.

Are you going to really tell me none of these options would be better? Plus, considering that these are the same caps that have been worn since 1996, I’m shocked that merchandising people haven’t decided its time to roll out with a new cap for hardcore USAers to pick up.



More teams need to adopt maroon (or burgandy or whatever you want to call this) as their color. It’s regal like a fine smoking jacket or the throw rug in a Sultan’s bathroom. Venezuela benefits greatly from the use of the color as their cap, with a stylized ‘V’ resembles something a college program would wear. But a really great college program. One with killer extracurriculars and a cafeteria that does Taco Tuesday right.


Those are the caps. Disagree, which I’m sure you will? Let me know your favorites in the comments.

And if the caps have any effect on who wins the whole thing, I think we’ll be looking at a Mexico vs. Dominican Republic final with South Africa playing spoiler.

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