The Platoon Advantage: Using the Electoral College for Postseason Awards

Know how I said I was done talking about awards, ready to move onward to that bright future ahead of us? I lied. Because I still had one last piece go up at The Platoon Advantage where I do the important work of taking the BBWAA’s vote and turning that into the electoral college. It’s what any sane person would do.

A taste: 

"To make this work, I obviously had to make a few changes as not every state is represented and voters for the AL don’t vote for the NL and vice versa. So I made two sovereign nations, The American Republic and the National United Places. Also, some states get to lay allegiance to both nations since they have multiple teams in each league (New York, California, Florida, etc). Using that, and making no other changes than giving Toronto 10 electoral votes to make everything even, we were given two nations, conceived in liberty, of 268 electoral votes."
There are even electoral maps and everything, so it’s like the Presidential election is still going on! ! 
For the rest, including those delicious maps, head over to The Platoon Advantage
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