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While wrangling bits and pieces together for this weekend’s blogathon (which, the pieces, may I tell you, are going to blown your mind. Tons of great writers sending in tons of great posts) and with donations puting us on the cusp of $200, we’ve fallen behind a little on the first legitimate baseball news in weeks. 

That said, here’s your catch up: 

Rafael Soriano signs two year, $28 million deal with the Nationals. While the deal may represent an overpay, depending on how valuable you think a reliever pitching 70 innings a year can be, but you have to admit: the Nationals are more dangerous with him. Now not only is their rotation strong, their lineup strong, and their middle relief strong, but the end of the game is even stronger. Drew Storen and Tyler Clippard can now handle the 7th and 8th and Soriano the 9th. It’s not a great idea to anoint a World Series winner in January, but even with the Dodgers $250 million payroll, it’s hard to see the Nationals not winning the pennant. Playoff crapshoot caveats obviously applying. 

Pirates re-sign Jeff Karstens. It cost only $2.5 million for a pitcher, who though he has a glass arm and an 89 mph fastball, will throw somewhere between 20 and 90 innings more than Rafael Soriano. Who strikes out more batters and walks fewer than Kevin Correia, getting half as much money to do so. And who has a face like this: 

(image by Productive Outs

What I’m saying is, even though I thought I was done buying player jerseys, I just bought a Jeff Karstens jersey. 

ESPN released their Sunday Night Schedule. Sadly, Rookie of the Year doesn’t air once. 

World Baseball Classic will have lower pitch limits. At this rate, every pitcher will get to throw one pitch. At half speed. Still, if this does have any bearing on pitcher health, it’s a good thing. 


And now, please, if you can, consider donating to support Doctors Without Borders. Every donation, even of just one dollar, not only will greatly help the organization, but will enter you to win a number of fabulous prizes. And if you can’t, please pass around the donation link to anyone who you think might like it. 

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