Darren Oliver Re-Signs With Blue Jays After Latest Visit To Lazarus Pit

(Photo via the always great Keith Allison)

Darren Oliver turned 42 on October 6th. Knowing that, even the staunchest Darren Oliver fan, wherever you may be, would probably forgive the man if, after 19 seasons in the Bigs, he decided to retire. Until today, it seemed it might go that way, as Oliver wanted either a raise, a trade to the Rangers, or possibly both. Fortunately for all of us, the Blue Jays exercised the team’s $3 million option, and Oliver will return for at least one more go.

And there’s almost no reason for him not to. His line last year, especially for someone twice the age of Mike Trout, was pretty polished: 56.2 IP, 52/15 K/BB ratio, 1.02 WHIP, 2.06 ERA. He’ll make a cool $3 million, not bad at all. And Toronto gets another key piece for their bullpen and unarguably makes the most important addition of the offseason.

Speaking of Trout, here’s the obligatory, “Man, one is so young, and the other is so old” factoid. Oliver made his first appearance on September 1st, 1993. Trout was two years old but had somehow already stolen several bases in the Majors. In his career against Oliver, Trout is 1 - 2 with an RBI. And this year we’ll be luckily enough to see him build on those stats or watch hopelessly as the great Darren Oliver sends him back to the bench with a called third strike.

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