Gentle Nag: The OTFB 2013 Blogathon Is Almost Here

Perhaps you haven’t yet heard, or perhaps you’re not one of the many people who have begun to ignore these reminder posts, but the Second Annual Old Time Family Baseball Blogathon is set to take place this weekend. That means that Mike will risk life and limb to bring you fresh (read: not pre-drafted) posts every half hour for a full day. Unfortunately, we have been told that it is both a federal and state crime to sell virtual seats to the live stream of his gradual descent into madness.

That being said, we’ve already hit $180 and are on our way to this year’s $3,000 goal. Feel free to donate by visiting the FirstGiving page. Reminder that any donation enters you in the raffle for some sweet prizes. I also want to note that we have added two $25 gift certificates to the Shop to the previously announced prize pool. You can also easily help by Tweeting, Facebooking, Tumblring, and, of course, Live Journaling this out to all of your contacts, quite possibly raising your Klout Score in the process. 

For those of you who intend to be more aggressive with your support, I’ve compiled some tips and conversation starters below for engaging with the public at large.

  • Remember - people are loneliest during the early mornings and the evenings right around dinner time. They’ll be more open to talking about donating money during one of those times.
  • "Hello, my name is X, and I want to know if you’ve accepted the Old Time Family Charity Blogathon into your heart."
  • "Several of the MLB’s most popular star players have endorsed the Blogathon, including…" At this point, drop your voice to a mumble. If pressed for examples, stall for a moment and then flee.
  • "Please donate! PLEASE!"
  • Ensure that you immediately open with some kind of statement noting that this is not a scam. Repeat that several times throughout your conversation in order to reassure the individual.

In all seriousness, though, all of your continued support goes a long way and is much appreciated. We are extremely excited to get this year’s event underway and to showcase the slew of guest posts that have been so generously donated as well. As always, give us a shout if you have any questions.

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