RIP Earl Weaver

Earl Weaver

(Photo by Paul M Gardner

There’s not much worse news to wake up to than this. Legendary manager and source of some of the greatest Major League quotes of all time, Earl Weaver, passed away this morning at the age of 82. 

As USA Today reminds us, Weaver, ahead of his time for living for the home run and hating the bunt, also was one of the first to use radar guns and, though the stats he used were still archaic, he compiled note cards to study batter vs. pitcher matchups. 

Of course, we would be remit from mentioning his famous temper. Three times he was tossed from both games of a double header. He holds the record for the most ejections for an American League manager with somewhere between 91 and 98 (the record keepers seem to be a little confused.) And well, there’s this episode of Manager’s Corner, perhaps one of my favorite things to ever happen (note: strong language within): 

But Weaver, besides being an excellent manager and great for a quote, has written three books including the classic baseball text: Weaver on Strategy.

Hell, there’s even an Earl Weaver Baseball simulation game that came out in 1987. Among the innovations of the game, not surprisingly, it was the first baseball video game to depict a manager confronting an umpire on close plays

So rest in peace, Mr. Weaver. You’ve certainly earned it. 


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