Help Me Pick Out a Movie For Tonight?

Every year, we close out the blogathon by liveblogging a few dreadful baseball movies. And even better, once I’m finished with them, I pass them along as a raffle prize for those who donate to Doctors Without Borders

This year, we’ll be watching “Kill the Umpire,” about a man who hates umpires and is forced to become one (the ’50s were a different sort of time); “Squeeze Play” a Troma-produced sex comedy about a softball team; and we were supposed to watch “Ball of Wax” about a sadistic killer driving his teammates to death.

Unfortunately, despite being shipped last Saturday, “Ball of Wax” has yet to make it to my apartment. Barring a miraculous USPS delivery, we’ll need to find another film to watch.

So, help me select something from Netflix Instant so that we can all cozy up and watch together. The lone caveat? The film cannot be a classic because what fun is that? The options: 


Bad News Bears (The Remake):

  • Why we should watch: It’s universally reviled. Greg Kinnear. Who doesn’t love Greg Kinnear? 
  • Why we shouldn’t: It’s so reviled, will it even be fun to sit back, watch, and laugh? 



  • Why we should watch: Ernie Banks is in it. Really? The real Ernie Banks? And Jeffrey Tambor? 
  • Why we shouldn’t: It actually has some pretty decent reviews. 


  • Why we should watch: The poster looks pretty intense. And if all that yelling makes it anything like Battlefield Baseball, I’m so in. 
  • Why we shouldn’t: It’s about a coach avoiding an assault case by coaching a team of hearing-impaired players. It actually sounds fairly inspirational. And I don’t want to make fun of that. The normal poster doesn’t have all that yelling. 

Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch: 

  • Why we should watch: There’s nothing in the rule book that says a dog can’t play baseball. There’s also a raccoon? 
  • Why we shouldn’t: You’ve already seen this movie two dozen times. 


  • Why we should watch: Uh, hello, Matt LeBlanc? And a monkey? 
  • Why we shouldn’t: Did you not just see the sentence above? 

Home Run Showdown: 

  • Why we should watch: Dingers rule. Dean Cain (Superman!) AND Matt Lilliard? That’s too much firepower. 
  • Why we shouldn’t: Are those ragtag kids just too lovable? 

Goodbye, Franklin High: 

  • Why we should watch: Recommended by the extremely mighty, MightyFlynn who claims that it has some of the worst baseball action he’s ever seen. 
  • Why we shouldn’t: Is there enough baseball action? Maybe, maybe not. 

So, help me out. Which one should we watch? Either leave a reply, a comment, or leave one in the ask.


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