Jacob Migicovsky: Twice Was Enough

In ’92 and ’93, and nearly in ’94 with the Expos, Canada swept the World Series, but telling by your enraged face as you read this, you probably already knew that. Because the Blue Jays are, well, Canadian, they never seem to get mentioned among the best teams of all time, or maybe everyone knows they were incredible, but no one can admit it for fear of a good lashing or two. Before I go any further, just check the rosters of those teams, and you’ll see they’re as stacked as a tower of Jenga blocks on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Anyways, now that I’ve defended my precious Jays, I can now say that it’s pretty obvious that they’ll never win again. When I watch those old VHS tapes of the World Series, you can see why, because Cito Gaston most likely made a deal with the Devil, or perhaps Bud Selig, or maybe it was Tom Waits…win twice, shock the baseball world, end it with one of the most amazing home runs ever hit in the history of the sport, then call it quits and be happy. And the truth is, deep down in our pure Canadian hearts made of maple syrup and kindness, we know this and we’re fine with it. Toronto likes its baseball, but we see it more as a fun thing to do in the summer, like catching a foul ball with Ferris Bueller and yelling at the batter. We like the food, the atmosphere, the cheap tickets, and even though I grew up in Toronto my whole life, I still love looking up at the CN Tower from my seats in the Skydome (Yes, Skydome. Like many, I refuse to call it the meaningless and unimaginative piece of crap that is the ‘Rogers Centre’).

Let’s face it, without the Jays, we’d have to travel to Detroit every time we wanted to see a baseball game, and who wants to do that?

Jacob is a filmmaker from Toronto, but after trudging through the ice and snow of Canada he ended up at Emerson College in Boston. After a year in sunny LA, he picked up and headed for London, England, where he heard the weather was much better.  

He was greatly misinformed. 


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