Shawn Anderson: WWE Superstar or 1987 Middle Infielder?

Pop quiz, hotshot…have you ever looked at a random list of names and tried to figure out what name is the birth name of a WWE Superstar and which one is that of a who was a 1987 middle infielder?

Well, you’re about to.

With WWE’s Royal Rumble just a week away, I present to you…WWE SUPERSTAR OR 1987 MIDDLE INFIELDER.

Good luck.

1. Was Cody Runnels a middle infielder for the Texas Rangers or part of a wrestling dynasty which includes his Hall of Fame father and half-brother?

2.  Was Darren Matthews a middle infielder for the Detroit Tigers or a one-time member of the wrestling faction called “The Un-Americans”?

3.  Was Doug Frobel a middle infielder for the Cleveland Indians or more commonly known as the “Intellectual Savior of the Masses”?

4.  Was Phil Brooks a middle infielder for the Chicago White Sox or more commonly known as “The Second City Saint”?

5.  Was Ernie Riles a middle infielder for the Milwaukee Brewers or the masked brother of The Undertaker?

6.  Was Tom Lawless a middle infielder for the St. Louis Cardinals or longtime WWE commentator who once feuded with comedian Andy Kaufman?

7.  Was Bryan Danielson a middle infielder for the Boston Red Sox or recently lost the World Heavyweight Championship belt in 18 seconds?

8.  Was Ryan Reeves a middle infielder for the Montreal Expos or a current title contender billed as being from “Sin City”?

9.  Was Ron Killings a middle infielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates or a rapping Superstar with an imaginary friend?

10.  Was Domingo Ramos a middle infielder for the Seattle Mariners or masked second generation luchador?

Think you’ve got it figured out?  Click HERE to find out how you did!

Shawn Anderson is the brains behind the website The Hall of Very Good™.  Sure, he didn’t coin the term, but he’s the asshole who turned it into a web venture.  Make sure you check out his site the week of July 22 to see who will be inducted into The Hall of Very Good™.


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