Things You May Have Missed While You Were Living Your Life

While you were out, celebrating the first hints of spring with champagne brunches, baseball players kept working out, preparing for the upcoming exhibition schedule. 

What you may have missed: 

Rays are giving away a Maddon Gnome and an Astro bobblehead. I’m not a huge fan of the gnome trend, but the Maddon one looks great. And I will never complain about a pitcher’s dog getting a bobblehead. Ever. 

And continuing with the bizarre giveaways, the Fort Myers Miracle will have a Marco Rubio Water Bottle night. This has been a thing. 

Even more bobblehead news: the Indians will have an Albert Belle bobblehead where he points to his bicep. I wish it was a flexing bicep, though. 

The history of the bunt double. If I was fast or good at baseball, this would be the record I would try and break. 

Jane Austen and baseball. The conspiracy grows. 

Ryan Braun listed on more Biogenesis papers. Sadly, they aren’t just a series of MASH notes. 

Wendy Thurm investigates MLB’s women’s clothing. Sadly, I can only choose between a Phillies and Yankees thong for myself. Other 28 teams—what the hell are you doing?!

Jeffrey Loria told Jose Reyes to get a house in Miami two days before he was traded. To be fair, anyone taking Loria’s advice at this point is crazy. 

Trevor Bauer admits he’s terrible at a rapping. He does admit, however, that he’s great at wrapping Christmas gifts. 

The Pirates are going to crowdsource a new logo. Because crowdsouricng never turns out badly. However, for a team who has always had great uniforms and a cap that can’t be topped, their logo has always been uninspired. 

Felix Hernandez’s press conference restores your faith in press conferences.

Josh Hamilton thanks juice for losing weight. Finally, ballplayers and infomercials getting together. 

And with that, I’ll have to abbreviate this weekend’s catchup as I must board a plane and head to Arizona for a few days of spring training. I don’t know what the posting schedule will be, but I’ll try and update with as many interesting stories as I can. 

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