Step Aside, Every Baseball Movie Ever, Mr. Go Is Coming

Sure, there are all of those pretty good baseball movies like Bull DurhamMoneyball, and Rhubarb, about the cat owning a Major League team, but none of them even begin to measure up with the forthcoming Korean film, Mr. Go. 

Based on the comic book by Heo Yeong-man, here is the description:

"Wei Wei grew up in the circus with a bat-swinging gorilla named Ling Ling. After her grandfather dies in the Great Sichuan Earthquake, she has only Ling Ling to depend on. In order to pay her grandfather’s debt, she has no choice but to accept sports agent Sung’s proposal to bring Ling Ling to the Korean Baseball League. Despite serious doubts and ridicule from the league, Ling Ling, now dubbed ‘MR. GO’, becomes an instant hit, hitting one home run after another and propelling his floundering team to the playoffs. However, the rise to stardom is met with unexpected troubles and MR. GO must now face adversaries beyond his control."

That’s right, a home run clubbing gorilla. And if that’s not enough, just take a look at the concept art for the film: 

That looks like a gorilla pitching to another gorilla. I don’t know what kind of baseball you like to watch, but this is the kind that I do. 

If this movie is half the film that Ed, the other primate baseball out there, we’re in for quite the summer. 

(h/t Bleeding Cool

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