Vin Scully Went On Date With Creator of Sesame Street

As children, our memories are extremely formative. For Batman, it was the murder of his parents. For Superman, it was the death of his planet. And for me, it was Sesame Street teaching me to share, and read, and explore with Vin Scully teaching me how to love.

Now just imagine if Vin Scully and the creator of Sesame Street teamed up? And what if they dated after Scully called Game 7 of the 1955 World Series? Does that hurt your brain a little? It should:

“After the third out, Johnny Podres having shut them out, I was taken in a car to the Lexington Hotel with some other Dodgers people,” Scully said. “I had a date, and I left the group to get my car and go pick her up. We drove over to Brooklyn for the party at the Bossert Hotel.

“It was like V-J Day and V-E Day rolled into one when we came out of the tunnel. There were thousands of people on the sidewalks leading to the hotel. There were policemen, and parking attendants who took your car about a block from the hotel. Walking down that street to the hotel, that was an unforgettable scene.”

Young Vin really knew how to impress a date.

“Her name was Joan Ganz,” Scully said. “She was from Arizona. I’m pretty sure she later became the creator of ‘Sesame Street.’ You can check on that. We liked each other and stayed in touch, but it never got serious. I haven’t told this story, but what the heck. That was a long time ago.”

With this information in hand, it’s quite easy to believe that in an alternate dimension, Scully and Ganz married and/or blended their energycones and now rule a Utopian Earth, one where it’s sunny everyday except when they need a rainbow. I would like to go to there.

(h/t Hardball Talk

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