The HalfLiner Scorebook is the newest scorebook design from the Eephus League. It scores a full half season of 81 games. It is a sturdy Double Wire-O bound book, with a stiff cover and chipboard back that give it great writing surfaces. While the first Eephus scorebook had a lot of extra materials aimed at teaching people the art of scorekeeping, this book is designed for people who want a more fleshed out scorekeeping experience and don’t need the extras. There are more innings, more substitution slots, and more stat columns in the HalfLiner scorebook. The scorekeeping grid is larger to allow more space for scorekeepers to work.

At 7.5” x 9.75”, the HalfLiner is smaller than a standard letter-sized scorecard. The more petite profile is meant to make the scorebook less cumbersome to bring to the ballpark.

Ultimately, it’s my hope that the HalfLiner scorebook gives fans a beautiful scorebook that will last them a long time and give them a pure scorekeeping experience that isn’t riddled with a complex grid that demands you keep score one particular way.

- Bethany Heck, Eephus League

The HalfLiner Scorebook on KIckstarter

As a huge fan of Bethany Heck’s work and the original Eephus League scorebook, I could not be more thrilled that there is a new way for me to throw my money at something. Definitely check out her Kickstarter and contribute. 

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    If you like keeping score at games, this is something you should back without question. I’ve got the original book and...
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    The original Eephus League scorebook is the best scorebook around. This one could be even better.
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    As a huge fan of Bethany Heck’s work and the original Eephus League scorebook, I could not be more thrilled that there...
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