JA Happ Struck With A Liner, Recovering in Hospital

A very scary moment happened in the second inning of tonight’s Blue Jays game against the Rays when a Desmond Jennings liner came back and hit him in the head. There’s a video of it embedded below, but I caution, it’s difficult to watch: 

Happ appeared to be bleeding and a stretcher took him off the field. Fortunately, Happ maintained consciousness en route to the hospital, but there is not much more known as of now as the team waits on tests. 

Assuming Happ remains in stable condition, we should be thankful that the injury wasn’t much worse. Every season, a handful of pitchers are hit in the head with batted balls and it’s only a matter of time before the result is much more serious. While I’m not advocating for batting cage screens to be erected and while Major League Baseball did test out padded caps for pitchers this offseason (they proved to be ineffective), Major League Baseball needs to do all they can to ensure that an effective solution is developed before there is an on-field tragedy.  

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