Jose Canseco is A Scumbag, Possible Rapist

For a time, before his Twitter was basically taken over by some pretty terrible joke writers (I would be shocked if his AMA or painting of Bud Selig were actually created by Canseco), Jose Canseco was kind of amusing. In the harmless drunk uncle mold who would tell you “Hey, why not grab the wheel while I piss in this ginger ale bottle.” (Note: None of my uncles ever did that.)

However, it’s important to remember that beyond the steroid use, which does not really matter in the grand scheme of things, Canseco has been charged with aggravated assault, was arrested for hitting his ex-wife, and was charged in an aggravated battery case during a nightclub fight. Yesterday, Canseco added another line to his record when the police interviewed Canseco as a person of interest in a sexual assault case. While Canseco may be innocent, having not been charged yet, his response on Twitter was to out the accuser, posting personal information about her including her name, photo, telephone number, and where she works out. This is meant to humiliate and intimidate the victim in a culture that far too often takes the side of the accused. Stephen Goldman of SBNation has some of the tweets with the information redacted. 

It’s time to stop thinking of Canseco as a lovable buffoon, one who says ridiculous things while traveling from independent league to independent league, and recognize that he’s a human being who has done a series of disgusting things. Needless to say, while I may post more to do with this case, there will be no more “Wacky Jose Canseco” posts that will ever show up on this site.

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